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Tradition Made in Brazil

With more than 40 years of experience in the wood industry, SM Laminados de Madeira, a Brazilian family-owned company headquartered in Cuiabá, Brazil is positioned as one of the leading suppliers of hardwood products in Brazil with its reputation built on exceptional quality and reliable products. We’ve expanded steadily over the last two decades serving customers across South America, North America, and Europe.

In 2018 SM opened a new customer base in Virginia to extend our footprint throughout the United States and to expand its distribution network. And with the evolving industry trends, and to stay afloat on the market, SM launched a new brand named after the family “MASON WOOD FLOORS”, a fresh identity, meaningful and concisely indicative of the essence of our products.

People and Environment

Mason Wood Floors invests heavily in technology, human resources, as well as developing and building sustainable forest management by respecting and complying with the mechanisms of sustainability of the ecosystem (“Lacey Act”). Sourcing is responsibly harvested from managed forests to provide a truly renewable resource. We currently have about 200.000ha of sustainable forest management.

The company is proud to have a full Chain-of-Custody process in place providing credible assurance for products with environmentally and socially responsible sources, embracing the concept of sustainable forestry as an essential element to our success as a company and as a responsible global citizen.

Manson Wood Floors
The only realistic way to conserve our forests is to apply sustainable forest management practices.

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